Dan Moore embodies the spirit of this film, having "found Aloha" some 35 years ago, when he left hid Florida home and moved to the North Shore of Oahu. Boastful talk means little in Hawaii; it's more about accomplishments, humility and respect. In that sense, Moore has become an authentic water-sports hero, with a body of work rivaling anyone's in the islands. Always preferring the pure adrenaline rush over the politics of contests, Moore became a low-key master of big-wave surfing while earning a living as a custom cabinetmaker. As the tow-in partner of Ken Bradshaw, Moore was an integral figure in the biggest waves ever challenged in Hawaii (January 1998), and in March of 1999, he rode a Maverick's wave that represented the largest ever ridden at the Northern California spot at the time. Since then he has become a master of kite surfing and a regular at "Jaws," the famed big-wave spot of Maui. On any given day when the surf is huge, you're likely to find Dan at the heart of things, completely in his element.

Mark Anderson, living on Maui for 45 years and dominating the line up at Honolua Bay for 25 years, remains an underground legend among the serious hard core surfers. Teaming up with Moore as his tow-in surfing partner he established himself as one of the top big wave power surfers at the fabled spot called Jaws, representing the sports ultimate arena. When this veteran surfer is not getting whipped into waves up to 70 feet high, he is shaping surf boards, having a beer with the boy;s on the West side of Maui or just being a loving husband and father to his wife Renae and two boys Makena and Kaikoa.

"Finding Aloha" captures the essence of Jimmy Hall, who died in May, 2007 at the age of 41 in a base-jumping accident north of the Arctic circle. Dan Moore had been a close friend of Hall, who is shown in all his glory: sky diving, paragliding in the most radical settings, and engaging in a very personal relationship with sharks. While many adventures have dealt with sharks from within the safety of a cage, Hall routinely hit the depths with only a pair of fins, a face mask and a video camera, swimming alongside and actually touching gigantic Great White sharks. He did these things not as a daredevil, but as someone armed with great knowledge, respect and trust. "Sharks have so much more to fear from us," he says in the film, "than we do from them." It would take volumes to list all of HallÍs interests and accomplishments, but he comes vividly to life in the film. When Hawaiian priest Butch Helemano explains, "To find aloha is to live aloha," he could have been talking about Jimmy Hall.

Layne Beachley is the most accomplished female surfer in history and a kindred soul to Moore and the film's producers, having achieved her success through a swirl of goodwill and dedication. Born in Sydney, Australia, Layne was a world-ranked surfer by the age of 20 and beginning the harsh physical-training regime that would set her apart from every other professional over the past two decades. She has won a record seven world titles on tour, including six in a row, but in the place where it really counts - Hawaii - Layne is best known for her big-wave reputation. She pushed the boundaries at the legendary Sunset Beach and became a regular in the tow-surfing realm of the North Shore's outer reefs, riding a 25-foot wave (on the Hawaiian scale) in January of 2001 that remains, by most accounts, the largest ever successfully ridden by a woman. Through it all, Beachley exudes aloha with her ebullient personality. Media savvy and ever entertaining, she is regularly sought by the media for her quick wit and insight.

Not much was known about Tahiti's big-wave potential until Vatea David, a native son, joined the professional surfing tour in the 1980s. Here was a capable, fearless man who surfed Pipeline, Sunset and other Hawaii spots as if born to the task. It soon became known that Tahiti is home to several world-class breaks, including Teahupo'o, the indescribably hollow left known as the heaviest spot in the world. David, better know as "Poto", was among the first to surf Teahupo'o and remains a standout on the biggest, most dangerous days. Beyond all that, David exudes aloha, traveling the world with a smile on his face, respect for the locals and an understanding of their culture. As such, he's a welcome sight wherever he goes.


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